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       b  Join your favorite VA with flying knowlege.

Here is what I’ve got.

The aim of ‘Virtual Airlines Vector’ is to provide any Flight Simulator Pilot with free enjoyable information he might only otherwise acquire by searching into airline courses and manuals. Remember; learning is not compulsory, nor is survival. Therefore, what we have assembled here is a tailored series of ongoing and current videos that not only provide for the basic outlines of the flying world but also presents such insights - consistent with the Flight simulator - into ever increasing subjects such as weather, instruments, navigation, holdings, weight and balance, VOR, ILS and ADF approaches just to mention a few.

Not withholding the brilliant tuition for the virtual pilot that is provided with the FS9 and FSx software, many questions are inevitably left unanswered in this activity that always has and still astounds. Not surprising, for it does take some years of required training and ground schooling for anyone to undergo before he is licensed to take a seat in the real front office.

Here is what you will be receiving. On an approximate every ten day interval, an email will arrive in your inbox giving you access via a link to your - never available on YouTube - video page, from which you will be introduced to a variety of subjects directly related to the enjoyment of your best online hobby; Microsoft Flight Simulator. Included to this link you will also have access to all of your precedent videos, meaning that you will never need to imperatively save any of our emails nor will you lose out on any subject if for any reason you lost any of our emails. Our objective is not to overload or confuse, it’s as simple as that.

Now wait! You will also have a free member’s access to our Blog where your requests, comments and questions will be answered as well as any further available information such as downloadable PDF eBooks for which a video may not be the most appropriate format.

Here is what I want you to do right now. Simply fill-in your first name and email in the box top right-hand side on this page and you will immediately receive your first video after the confirmation email has been approved to by yourself. (Confirmation is needed only for the sake of avoiding spam or erroneous emails.) Obviously, you will always have a membership's opt-out option should this regretfully be your wish.

I am looking forwards to seeing you as an active member of ‘Virtual Airlines Vector’ and in the mean time take care and understand that it is Attitude rather than Aptitude that determines Altitude.

Happy landings.


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About The Author.

With a civil aviation airline pilot's background and having accumulated some 7,000 hours total flying time mainly in Africa and Europe on DC4,  B-707 and various general aviation types, piston and turbo-props, the flight simulator has always retained my fascination.  I therefore wish to freely share and help with my experience in this field, those who similarly value this amazing hobby, with all my technical input acquired from both the flying and the Internet Marketing world.
Enjoy,  Robert.

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